To the person I almost fell in love with

Thank you that you took notice of me

For the longest time, I never had that feeling and I never knew that until you came and you took courage so, thank you

Thank you for teaching me to let go of the things a person really has no control of

Thank you that you helped me to trust (and to doubt) people again

Thank you because you taught me to cling on to that tiny hope

Thank you for helping me realize that I still can be an attractive person to a stranger. I thought I lost it but because of you, you helped me see that beauty again so, thank you.

Thank you for teaching me to respect someone who decides not to talk. Maybe, you are really afraid of talking for reasons I don’t know. It’s still hard to grasp but I’m getting through. Getting there. Silence and acceptance are two of the most important wisdom that will forever be remembered. But, I am still hopeful that in the future,  you would learn to talk.

I was at my happiest when we were together unfortunately and as usual, time was not our friend but  I’m really glad and thankful that you took the slightest time to get to know and be with me, at the very least.

I apologize for putting hope to something unsure

I apologize for simply wanting to unlock you along with your flaws

I apologize for I, simply wanted to be with you

The heart still has a lot of questions but I guess, it’s better this way. No, it’s for the best.

The decision to close the book was way way hard but it would be unfair to myself if I don’t do so. I also need to save her, she deserves nothing but the best.

All the best to you and I sincerely wish you nothing but a good life ahead! Cheers!


Jeepney Chronicles 15

December — a month that many are both looking forward to and scares at the same time, is actually already here. In fact, it is almost done. It felt like a wind, everything has become so fast especially at this time. It felt like it’s running and it’s hard to keep up. The only choice left was to seize the moment, be happy and go with the flow. Over the last year, a lot has happened and it’s that time again for reminiscing.. the time for looking back.. more so, evaluating how the year was. How it actually went. Good and bad. Happy and sad. Expectations and frustrations. Promises uttered and left it broken. Some dreams realized and for the unrealized ones, the new year is something we just all look forward to. December — it was this month that someone said to look forward to it but as expected, it was frustration. It was just a slip of the tongue. Everything was just in passing. It was also this month that taught you to be more patient and wait for all its worth. But of course, you were wrong. How foolish of you to count on those words? You could’ve bursted all the bubbles ever since but it was a silent decision to hold on to it for so long a time. Silly you. How can hope be ever so powerful that it left you hopeless? How it gave you room to trust again but ended up doubting again? How can time give so much beautiful tomorrows but once it has arrived, it would leave you hanging? December — it is indeed a time where everything just seems so beautiful. It has so much positive and good energy despite all the not so good ones. It gives so much joy no matter how hard life is. Over the past months, we all had crosses to bear. No exception. We all had different struggles in different forms and shapes, but the last month of the year gives so much hope and color and it would carry on to the new year. Cliche as it may sound but it still holds true to the saying: new year, new beginning.

Whatever happened in the past year, let us all remain hopeful that beautiful things are coming. You deserve all the love this beautiful yet challenging life has to offer. Stay hopeful, faithful and always remember how blessed you are.

Happy 2018! Cheers!

sweet surrender

used to be anxious but learned to calm down

used to be worried but learned to let go

used to be nervous but learned to breathe

used to give in easily but learned to refuse when needed

used to be fooled easily but learned to play the cards well

used to doubt but decided to trust, anyway

used to always be in a hurry but learned to walk slowly and enjoy every step

you see, life is not always about sweets and smooth roads

it is most likely a bumpy journey to the mountains

but while you are on this never ending quest, never ever lose yourself

because at the end of it all, it is you, who matters the most

get up, beautiful being and be proud of who you’ve become

cheers to a meaningful life well-lived!


until when do you have to live in mystery

until when will you allow others to unlock you

until when will you let people see your real beauty

until when will you break the glass

until when will you let the world know that you, too, is a vulnerable being

until when will you free yourself from all the doubts

until when will you stop burning bridges

until when will you sit down and talk

i hope that when that time comes

the person in me is still here, ready to hold your hand and unfold everything

hands up

tried not to peek but lost

tried not to give it a thought but lost

tried your best not to wander but you lost

tried not to remember the good memories but lost

still trying not to shed a tear but still losing

tried to run away but lost

still trying not to think of you but obviously, you lost

you very well know that you lost but it’s just about time to turn the page

more so, close the book and look forward to grabbing and enjoying a new book

head up high. you’re winning, young lady!



you were the person we never saw but learned to love you

you were the person we never touched but learned to feel you

you were the person we never hugged but learned to feel your warmth

it was almost the best welcoming meet up but for some heavenly and inexplicable  reasons, you had to be taken away from us

you were someone we never had in our arms but you will forever be a part of us

you were like a God, your presence is strongly felt

no matter how painful and hurtful it is, you will be in our minds and hearts until eternity

Thank you, Aquil, for bringing so much joy to us

for being a great source of inspiration and strength to all of us more so, for being an angel.

Thank you.

I love you, my dear nephew

We love you forever.

champagne life

it’s that time again

to get up and get going

it’s that time again

to stand tall and be proud

it’s that time again

to learn a great lesson

it’s that time again

to let go of the things you really have no control

it’s that time again

to let go of the doubt

it’s that time again

to just believe and love like a young child

it’s that time again

to have that genuine smile

it’s that time again

to see things at a brighter and better perspective




cheers! You deserve all the beauty and love this world has to offer. Keep sparkling!