Jeepney Chronicles 16

The past months have been rather busy  productive (well, I chose this word as it sounds more optimistic)that there was no enough time to visit my blog and write. I know for a fact that no one is actually reading my posts.. not even visiting  but who cares, it’s mine, anyway. But, if there would be at least one person to visit and take time to read my writings, I am more than thankful so, thank you to you. 🙂 Going back, It’s been months since this ‘busyness’ kicked off …  I’m not complaining, though, in fact, it’s considered a great blessing along with a great challenge– that’s one thing already expected. Challenges and more challenges to come. “With great power comes with great responsibility.” A very famous line that holds true to everything that we do. Anyway, even if the responsibility doubled, some things never change– the wandering mind and foot. The never ending thoughts, analysis, questions and realizations of a lot of things. Adulting, they say. My hope is that, for  everyone who goes through this process, grows to be a more beautifully motivated and positive creature, ready to face all the challenges with poise, grace and class. Head up, high. It is also my hope that all of us keep shining. Even if there are times when you feel like your lights are dimming because of uncontrollable situations, always remind yourself that you shine the brightest. Even if there are days when you feel like you hit rock bottom, remind yourself to get up, shrug you shoulder, put yourself together and keep going. There’s no way but to keep going and move forward.  If you are doing a great job, people will try to pull you down. Don’t mind them. Keep it up and keep getting better. Let it not falter nor shaken you. Keep doing what you are doing and prove even more that you are supposed to be where you are because you deserve it and that you are way better than them. Smile. Remain humble. Always. Influence them of your light.

Life indeed is a matter of perspective. If you are faced with a challenge, do you sulk yourself up and allow yourself to ruin your day? No. You can solve a problem while staying calm and smiling. Smiling or sometimes laughing at it doesn’t mean you are not doing anything about it rather, you chose to settle it with grace. Hindi ngarag. May problem na nga, haggard ka pa? No na. At least, carry it with grace and dignity. Those simple perspectives in life can actually help you grow become a greater and better being. If you feel like crying as well, cry. Nobody in this world said that it’s not good to cry in the middle of a hard situation. It will NEVER make you less of a person just because you shed a tear. In fact, it’s a sign that you are a strong being recognizing your emotions. It’s even  good for your heart. The problem with us when we become adults is that, we become so afraid to show our emotions through crying. Why? Because we are afraid that people might judge us for being weak. But, it’s the other way around. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. So go ahead, give yourself a good cry to let out a heavy feeling but remember to still stay focused. Deal with the problem and have a clear solution about it. You can do it. Always tell yourself that you can do it. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Another thing, learn the art of keeping quiet. Learn to shut it down (a little). Literally, like having a quiet moment rather than panicking and overreacting at situations. You see, the more you panic and nag about a situation, the more an issue is not being resolved. Have a quiet moment to think and assess things. You might surprise yourself for coming up with a better and a more effective solution. Be resilient. You don’t need to react on every word you hear or they say. Learn to choose battles wisely.  And lastly, the art of keeping a strong faith. Pray, if you must. Not because you need something from your God but because you want to simply thank Him for all that you have. Be it good or bad. All of it mold you into a better version of yourself every time. Have a thankful and grateful heart. You are blessed and beautiful in soooo many ways. Acknowledge and thank Him all the time. That goes with adulthood also.

I still have so much to say but maybe I will have to do it again next time. I’m glad that I was able to write again. I am thankful for days like this. I’m also very happy that even though I didn’t go elsewhere this Holy Week, I was able to spend time with my parents which I haven’t done in quite a while. Good times with them, as always.

Have a blessed Holy Week. Thank you for reading. Cheers to good life always!


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