To the person I almost fell in love with

Thank you that you took notice of me

For the longest time, I never had that feeling and I never knew that until you came and you took courage so, thank you

Thank you for teaching me to let go of the things a person really has no control of

Thank you that you helped me to trust (and to doubt) people again

Thank you because you taught me to cling on to that tiny hope

Thank you for helping me realize that I still can be an attractive person to a stranger. I thought I lost it but because of you, you helped me see that beauty again so, thank you.

Thank you for teaching me to respect someone who decides not to talk. Maybe, you are really afraid of talking for reasons I don’t know. It’s still hard to grasp but I’m getting through. Getting there. Silence and acceptance are two of the most important wisdom that will forever be remembered. But, I am still hopeful that in the future,  you would learn to talk.

I was at my happiest when we were together unfortunately and as usual, time was not our friend but  I’m really glad and thankful that you took the slightest time to get to know and be with me, at the very least.

I apologize for putting hope to something unsure

I apologize for simply wanting to unlock you along with your flaws

I apologize for I, simply wanted to be with you

The heart still has a lot of questions but I guess, it’s better this way. No, it’s for the best.

The decision to close the book was way way hard but it would be unfair to myself if I don’t do so. I also need to save her, she deserves nothing but the best.

All the best to you and I sincerely wish you nothing but a good life ahead! Cheers!


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