Jeepney Chronicles 15

December — a month that many are both looking forward to and scares at the same time, is actually already here. In fact, it is almost done. It felt like a wind, everything has become so fast especially at this time. It felt like it’s running and it’s hard to keep up. The only choice left was to seize the moment, be happy and go with the flow. Over the last year, a lot has happened and it’s that time again for reminiscing.. the time for looking back.. more so, evaluating how the year was. How it actually went. Good and bad. Happy and sad. Expectations and frustrations. Promises uttered and left it broken. Some dreams realized and for the unrealized ones, the new year is something we just all look forward to. December — it was this month that someone said to look forward to it but as expected, it was frustration. It was just a slip of the tongue. Everything was just in passing. It was also this month that taught you to be more patient and wait for all its worth. But of course, you were wrong. How foolish of you to count on those words? You could’ve bursted all the bubbles ever since but it was a silent decision to hold on to it for so long a time. Silly you. How can hope be ever so powerful that it left you hopeless? How it gave you room to trust again but ended up doubting again? How can time give so much beautiful tomorrows but once it has arrived, it would leave you hanging? December — it is indeed a time where everything just seems so beautiful. It has so much positive and good energy despite all the not so good ones. It gives so much joy no matter how hard life is. Over the past months, we all had crosses to bear. No exception. We all had different struggles in different forms and shapes, but the last month of the year gives so much hope and color and it would carry on to the new year. Cliche as it may sound but it still holds true to the saying: new year, new beginning.

Whatever happened in the past year, let us all remain hopeful that beautiful things are coming. You deserve all the love this beautiful yet challenging life has to offer. Stay hopeful, faithful and always remember how blessed you are.

Happy 2018! Cheers!


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