Jeepney Chronicles 12

Wandering minds as usual. Hearing a lot of thoughts, expressions, sayings and everything in between left you thinking. “Don’t ask, just enjoy” The expression that left quite an impact. Such a striking statement. What’s that supposed to mean? What’s that supposed to imply? Does that mean that whatever the person is doing even if it confuses you, you should not dare ask rather, just go with the flow and enjoy it? No room for wondering. Well, in all honesty, you actually enjoy what you are doing and where you are right now but along the way, a lot of whys, what ifs run at the back of that crazy mind. But sure, you are enjoying the moment. Every tiny moment seemed really precious at this time. Is it all just play time? You’ve been here before so perhaps or most likely,  it’s a big yes. You are completely sure that it was just nothing. But, you are secretly hoping, not. Especially that you know that the person will soon leave. Secretly hoping that it would lead to something more beautiful even if he’s gone but as always, that’s just too much to ask. Why meet in the first place? Why give room to what could bloom? Too much of a damn hope.  Maybe, it teaches you lessons you never thought you still need to learn. Learn to really just go with the flow and not to be too hard on yourself. Learn not to take things too seriously. Just completely live with it. Live in the moment. If it works, fine, but, if it doesn’t, still fine, though. It’s good while it lasted. No matter how short the time was, you still hope that it was real, no lies. No sugarcoating. To you, who would be left behind, it’s okay that it was short, that it did not last but at least, it was real. There was truth to it(you would like to believe there was, after all). Since you are not the type, you are still trying to adapt and continue to learn the ropes.

Thanks for reading. Cheers! 🙂


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