Jeepney Chronicles 11

It’s that time of the day again. You’re stuck again and you know what to do best in situations like this. Swimming thoughts that is. A lot has happened recently and up to this day, you still have no idea why things are happening. A lot of whys, what happened and all the questions you can think of, just to come up with an answer. Still, no answer was given. But, they are slowly unfolding. Waiting for an answer has already become immaterial. Even if that is the case, you decided to just let go of things that you really can’t control and let the heavens take its toll. You decided to be a much better being. Everything has to be a conscious effort of not dwelling on the heartaches rather, the beauty in every situation. It may not be easy but you can do it. You have to do it. Constantly remind yourself how beautiful the journey is. Technically, you really don’t need someone to be happy and whole. Well, we all do. But, that feeling of happiness, contentment should start from within. You don’t find happiness elsewhere. It should be within. You should be whole. The other person has to be whole as well. It should complement. You should complement. Never compromise.  You deserve the best. While you are on this beautiful journey…Just enjoy the moment. Live with it. Be happy always!



Thank you for reading. Cheers to a great life! 🙂


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