On occasions like this, hibernation is the best way to deal with certain or a lot of things. It’s something you’ve mastered to do. You understand how hard it is as well as for people who care for you because you are not talking and they have no idea with what’s going on but because you don’t want to add up to their zillions of worries so, you chose this way…the hard way..to keep quiet. You know, that’s just too much to take.

It is surprising to know that other people have the same way of dealing things as yours. It never came to you and now, you became a victim yourself. You used to be the suspect but tables are turning. How ironic is that. They hibernate as well. They also leave you empty-handed. It’s like they are giving you a dose of your own medicine. If that would be the case then, so be it. It may be hard but, the learning never stops. A lot has happened already. failures. rejections. ecstacy. frustration. fear. Name it, you had them in your hands. So, there’s no way you would be giving up this time. You’ve come a loooong way. Keep going — that’s the best and the least you must do. There’s no way to be down this time. Sure, that hurts. Hibernation is both the easiest and the hardest way to deal with everything. That’s perfectly fine. But, be sure to pick yourself up and stand taller and better. At the end of it all, everything will just be all right. Way to go!


Thanks for reading. Cheers!



you were just the same as the others

hopeful i was

that you were different from them, at least

but in the end,

it was all just the same


you never really intended to stay

why did i ever become so hopeful, anyway?

looking through your eyes

i saw hope

i saw real

i saw truth

or so, i thought you were