Sorting feelings is probably one of the hardest and craziest things to do in the world. One day, you’re happy, other times, you’re drowned in sadness. One minute it excites you, the other minute, it scares you. You can either easily give in to whatever you’re feeling or walk away and call it quits. The other part of you tells you to hold on, stay and fight for all its worth. The other side just tells you to shrug it off since it is just a waste of time. But, why is it a waste of time when the time that you are with someone is the most valuable thing in the world? You are at your happiest when you are with him so, how can that be a waste of time, then? You wished time would go slow or better if it stops just to spend more time with a loved one. Why can’t people just be together when they want to? Can they just not be together when they want to? Why others can easily do it? Why can’t you? Is it normal to miss someone whom you just met the first time or you just missed the feeling? Is that even possible? That’s just way too impossible, right? But it is happening. If you were the first to confess your feelings, it feels like you lost the battle.  Is that even a battle, anyway? Can people not just express what’s on their mind for peace of mind sake? Should it always be a hide and seek of emotions? Long kept emotions that are just ready to explode anytime. It’s probably a feeling that you never had in a long time so, you felt like this could be it. What if you just missed the feeling? The feeling that someone took notice of you. What if you were just overwhelmed? Overwhelmed that after forever, someone is looking at you. Overwhelmed that you are enjoying days with someone. Yes, you could be. It That could be. But, how do you actually know that it’s neither missing the feeling nor being overwhelmed? That…it’s something. There’s something in it. Or so, you hope. Something that you are willing and ready to take the risk. You are then ready to take the plunge. When is that time? When is that perfect time? The ‘perfect’ timing, they say. They even say, you will know it in your heart. But, how do you really know? What if you felt it but then, a lot of mixed signals are being given? What if you thought you’re ready but then, you need to face a lot of crazy challenges? What if you lost? Will it make you less of a being for not getting what you want? Perhaps.  Of course, no one wants to be rejected, right?  That’s the greatest fear we are afraid to face. You gave in but then, the other being is not actually ready. That’s a total slap in the face. That would really be disappointing and heartbreaking but what can you do? You need to let it out. Or hold it in as long as you can. But, why? Because for someone who’s been through a lot, it is just tiring and that damn feeling of rejection. You’ve got no time playing with emotions. More so, fooling around. It’s never good to do such things. And after all the heartache, you remain a hopeful being. You just want someone to be there. To be genuine. Anyway, do we ever have to feel sorry for being honest? For simply wanting to be with that person. For simply wanting to be wrapped around in his arms.  For simply asking someone to stay.  Is that too much to ask?



Be Ever Wonderful

Do people really have to make it big?

What is one’s perspective of the word?

What is one’s definition of making it big?

Material gains, being famous, having the best this world to offer…

Are these the only criteria to say that you made it big?

Having the intangibles– good health, good family, genuine love, living well by your standards

Does that consider to making it big also?

Does it make you less of a being if you don’t possess any of the tangibles but the latter?

Is there even a race as to when to make it big?

What if your pace is slower than the usual?

Does that make you less of a being as well?

If you were to ask me…. I guess not.

Life is never a competition with anyone else but solely to yourself. As long as you get to do the things you really like and enjoy regardless of paper, that’s more than enough to be happy. You already made it big.

As long as you surround yourself with genuine people, regardless of the number, that’s more than enough already. So what if you only got 3 or less, as long as you know they’ll surely stay, you already made it big.

As long as you are a social climber in your own damn right, you sure made it big. (Yes, Social climber in your own right,yeah right! I seriously meant it.) Doing and enjoying everything at your own risk, without having to bug or rely on other people just to get what you want, well, except your parents or cool sibs..haha! That’s how I call it, anyway. You sure made it way bigger.

As long as you are happy even if people think you’re crazy, odd or strange. Satisfy your happiness. Put a smile on your  face. They will just love you for who you are and who knows, they might join you in your craziness, eventually. That’s love and that’s making it big as well.

As long as you show real love to something or someone that truly matters. You made it really big.

Life gave us a lot of reasons to be insecure, to feel less of ourselves, to feel like we have accomplished nothing. We become blinded when we know someone is like this or have become like that or someone went here or there and we forget ourselves. We forget our beauty. What we have accomplished, what we’ve been through to reach this far. In a snap, we become insecure. It’s so easy for us to feel less of ourselves when we don’t realize we’ve come a looong way to where you are now. Life is indeed a blessing and truly beautiful. You are wonderful! Sure, the road gets bumpy with a lot of challenges and nega eks but they are our stairs to becoming the best version of us every.single.damn.time. They are painful and hard, yes, but it nurtures us. When things are too much to handle…Stop! Breathe! Listen to music or be silent or have a quiet moment with yourself or communicate with a loved one who genuinely supports you all the way, then you will realize, what a great being you are! You made it big in your own right. You’ve come this far. Celebrate it. And you know what, the good news is, you can always do better to make it your biggest and reach for that ultimate happiness of yours. 

Thanks for reading. Happy New Year! Stay happy always!

Cheers to a lot of better things this life has to offer!