I thought we were strong…but we were as weak as a crippled being

I though we were stable…but we were as shaky as an earthquake 

I thought we were invincible…but we were as vulnerable as a mirror

I thought we were clear…but we were as blurry as a stormy night

I thought we were smooth…but we were as bumpy as a rough road

Just as I  thought we were about to reach the top…we lost the courage to do so and gave up

I thought we were a team…but we were busy minding our own business

I thought we were certain…but we were as fickle as a child’s mind

I thought we were genuine…but we were as fictitious as a novel

I thought we had faith…but we were as doubtful as a skeptic

I thought I knew you…but you were a total stranger to begin with

Everything I thought was just a make believe

But, resilient as I am

I will keep holding on to everything I thought



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