I thought we were strong…but we were as weak as a crippled being

I though we were stable…but we were as shaky as an earthquake 

I thought we were invincible…but we were as vulnerable as a mirror

I thought we were clear…but we were as blurry as a stormy night

I thought we were smooth…but we were as bumpy as a rough road

Just as I  thought we were about to reach the top…we lost the courage to do so and gave up

I thought we were a team…but we were busy minding our own business

I thought we were certain…but we were as fickle as a child’s mind

I thought we were genuine…but we were as fictitious as a novel

I thought we had faith…but we were as doubtful as a skeptic

I thought I knew you…but you were a total stranger to begin with

Everything I thought was just a make believe

But, resilient as I am

I will keep holding on to everything I thought



Jeepney Chronicles 10

One of the ordinary encounters on a Sunday, out of the blue, someone asked if you would cry if ever you part ways with someone or if it’s time for you to part ways, to your surprise, a resounding yes was uttered. Your eyes met with awe. To his surprise, he smiled with a questioning look like “why?!” Like, why cry? Your response surprised you. Mind blown. You also didn’t understand why you answered that way. So, you asked back, why? Should we not cry? Why or why not? There was no clear response but a stare. The thought got you thinking. What’s wrong with shedding a tear to someone or something important to you? Is it really bad to cry? Does crying make us less of a being? Are women just overly emotional or men just have to appear strong by all means? You never saw crying as a sign of weakness.You find it beautiful that someone cries over you. Or you cry over something, at the very least. You’ve always considered crying as an expression of great emotion when words cannot express  anymore. We then resort to crying. We sometimes surprise ourselves that we are actually sobbing.  It never meant weakness nor losing. It’s never a  bad feeling. It’s an expression of great emotion, great affection. Without hesitation, you said yes to the question because thinking that you would part ways would mean a sad thing to happen already so, why not cry? Just the thought of being distant to someone special makes the heart sad already. Not seeing the person as often as you did before, makes you sad so, why not cry? You will surely miss the person so, it’s pretty certain that on random ordinary occurrences, when you think of people dear to you, you might end up shedding a tear. They might be right, that women are overly emotional but, never weak. There’s nothing wrong with that. Perfectly fine. In fact, watering your eyes is actually good for your health. It makes a healthy heart. Your eyes need some cleaning so, give it a try. If you ever feel like crying, give in to the feeling and feel good afterwards.  It’s your emotion, anyway. Acknowledge it. Respect it.

Thanks for reading. Cheers! 🙂


Can we fall in love like others used to?

Can we hold hands just like lovers do?

Can we talk like we are someone we can’t live without?

Can we stay and never leave?

Can we kiss under the bright moonlight?

Can we face each other as if we see our reflection?

Can we hug like we don’t want to let go?

Can we touch like we are as smooth as silk?

Can we dance like the music is unending?

Can we sing like it is our favorite song?

Can we walk like the road is never ending?

Can we wander even though we are nowhere to go?

Can we just stay this way?

Can’t we?