Jeepney Chronicles 7

On a simple and chaotic day on the road, something extra memorable crossed that daily routine. Traffic– terrible as usual. And because mostly auti mode it is (with headphones on, of course). Someone had the courage to bug you to join for a ride (know how terrible it is to get a jeepney, at the very least). Immediately giving a response to a perfect stranger caught you by surprise since 1.) you really don’t talk to strangers. not snob, huh? :). 2.)you seriously desire to leave the place as the crowd gets thick. So there, you went with a stranger. Big girl, anyway. Kept yourself guarded while trying to sound friendly, still. ‘Twas pretty good and interesting. You’re learning. Upon reaching the destination, you both politely said goodbye with a smile. It sure was fun. So there, you headed where you’re supposed to go with your earphones on, as usual. As you hurriedly walk, someone tapped your shoulder. And since you went back to yourself, the reaction was more of a scare than surprised. Oh! that guy. How fast can he get to where you’re heading? He was exactly going opposite as yours. But anyway, he was there. Looking at you. Apologized for scaring you at the same time, flashing that nice smile. He was there for a reason, of course. While gasping for breath and still smiling, he tried to compose himself and got direct to the point. You both can’t help but smile. There was even silence looking at each other and smiling. It was quick but you can’t deny the fact that it put a smile on your face. As you went back to walking and to your usual self(again), you know what it is..wandering mind it is. Well, more of wondering like, what was that? What’s that for? Being the crazy person as you are, it made you think. A lot of why bubbles form that head. Maybe, it is true that some things happen when we least expect it. But for now, you just leave everything as it is. Thank you for that wonderful experience. Memory bank updated.


Thanks for reading. Cheers! 🙂



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