Appreciate the noise; you have ears to hear

Appreciate the sight; you have eyes to see

Appreciate the smell; your nose is well

Appreciate the touch; you are not numb

Appreciate the taste; your buds are healthy


Appreciate everything, even the not so good ones.

At least, you have the ability to distinguish good from bad, delicious from spoiled, smooth from rough and everything else in between.

Others are hoping they have these but they don’t. You are one lucky being for having all of these. For simply being complete. Consider yourself truly blessed.

As we get older, maybe, we will be more sensitive to the bad, uncomfortable things  and situations around us. Sure, we get irritated. We even get short tempered and hot headed. But hey! we can choose not to be. We can ride along the discomforts and be reminded that it will just pass through. Life in itself is  already complicated but the power is in our hands to turn that around.

Perspective — another thing that is definitely not easy to do. It takes practice and mindset to master it. Like I said, we are given enough intelligence to decide which emotions to choose. Be happy or sulk up in anger? Smile or frown? Be worried or be more excited? Be envious or be inspired to be better? Let’s just be happy, ok? Smile! Sing and dance to the music you’ve been wanting hear and be happy!


Thanks for reading. Happy Weekend! Cheers!^_^



















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