She is someone who I never thought would get along well with. She was different. I am as well. It’s safe to say that we all are. She has a life of her own and everyone else does. But all those differences melt down to one sure fact– our deep love for music. We were passionate about the craft. We were playful. We were careless. Of course, we were young then, so, what’s there to care about? All we know is that we wanted to our hearts content. But, there she was. Equally passionate about the craft. She was eager to mold the hungry artist in us. We felt pressured to a point that we almost got suffocated but the moment we open our mouths, God, it was heaven. It was a piece of heaven we were tasting and feeling. It was magical. Good thing, we never gave up. Thank you, God, for such a great instrument and for the beautiful gift of music.

Life in the choir was both heaven and hell. Heaven because you get to share your talents to those who are equally eager and excited to share their talents as well and sing with you. Heaven because you get to create something unimaginable. Heaven because it feels like it everytime we sing. Even note clashes were as beautiful as fireworks. Hell because you get to learn a lot things, mostly life lessons, the hard way. You learn to fight for things that you truly desire like not quitting the choir because your parents said so. Before entering the choir, a promise was made that studies must be a priority but as expected, it went the other way around. It was a serious battle that I learned.. to have a strong conviction of what I want. When grades start to suffer, that’s when the dilemma strikes. Many parents think that when grades suffer, it’s usually the org/group or the leader that are to be blamed. So, it’s either you concede to parents’ order or you prove to them that you can make it. I chose the latter and hey! I finished and graduated.  Many people didn’t understand so, it was so easy for them to judge. Or, they were so quick to judge because they don’t know anything. They don’t understand the craziness and the power that we were creating through the form of music. Well, I am eternally grateful and thankful to my dear parents. Of course, we had our share of hard times, but nonetheless, I got their full support. Thank you very much to my family. Almost everything was done through hard work. Along with finishing the studies was learning and experiencing a lot of things that are not found in the four corners of the room. Thank you to the group where I belonged, the University of the East Chorale.

The Conductor. She was someone who most people get intimidated with. Why? Because she was her. She was being herself. She just wanted to make beautiful music, but many people see it the other way around. She just wanted to bring out the best in everyone. We had faith. We believed. Thank you.

She was someone who most people don’t want to talk with. More of scared. Why? Because many people think she might not understand or might be misunderstood. Some would rather hide or run away than say a word or two with her. But to me, she was different. I was also scared but I got a hold of myself to express my mind. She was not scary. In fact, she listens. She even expresses her opinions as well. It really is just a matter of communication. You just have to take courage and open your mouth. Thank you.

She was someone who hated giving up. Why? Maybe because she was afraid that people  leave and probably at that time, she didn’t know how to handle that yet. We had commitment. Thank you.

She was someone who would push someone to their limits. It was definitely difficult, but she would always remind someone who is on the verge of giving up that no guts, no glory. Seems hold true to the reality of life. We had discipline. Thank you.

She was someone who admittedly, is not good at dealing with a lot of things. Why? Because her mind was just filled with making beautiful music. That’s barely it. But as time progresses, she needs to learn things by herself, the hard way. It’s still good, anyway. She was discovering and building relationships.. and continuously creating music, of course.

That’s how many people perceived her. More negative than the positive. Many people say that she changed her ways. But as for me, I’d like to remember her how I knew her. Many  misunderstood her ways but if you look at it deeply, she had good intentions. She has a good heart. Many people didn’t see that. I’m glad and thankful that we did. Sure, it was hard  but we stayed for hell of a time. Music was the igniting power that made us stay, but if you think about it, it was not just about music that was taught, it was more of life lessons. So much more to discover. I could just name a lot of good characters that were discovered and molded along the way. We all grew up together. We made mistakes. We learned from each other.  We became better beings. What we created was like a fantasy. It was like a dream and we were sleeping to it for the longest time. It was a good dream but time came that we had to wake up and face our reality. Leaving the choir was much more painful than breaking up with someone you’ve been with for the longest time. It was excruciating. No one is ever ready to face the real-life battle but we were armed with the lessons we learned so, we are more than ready. Thank you, Ma’am Anna, for being an instrument to a lot of things.

It’s different now. I would love to meet her outside and in the real world. More than being a conductor, but a friend or a family member you would want to spend time with. Have coffee with her. Have a hearty conversation with her. Just being herself and myself. Thank you, ma’am. You are surely a part of our lives that will forever be remembered. You definitely have a special spot in our hearts. I assume, we are also in you heart. Assuming ako baket?!haha! Remember, like I always tell you, even if we are worlds apart with our differences, the love for each other remains. It’s a family. In behalf of them( you know who they are), Thank you very much! I love you, ma’am! We love you dearly!

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Jeepney Chronicles 7

On a simple and chaotic day on the road, something extra memorable crossed that daily routine. Traffic– terrible as usual. And because mostly auti mode it is (with headphones on, of course). Someone had the courage to bug you to join for a ride (know how terrible it is to get a jeepney, at the very least). Immediately giving a response to a perfect stranger caught you by surprise since 1.) you really don’t talk to strangers. not snob, huh? :). 2.)you seriously desire to leave the place as the crowd gets thick. So there, you went with a stranger. Big girl, anyway. Kept yourself guarded while trying to sound friendly, still. ‘Twas pretty good and interesting. You’re learning. Upon reaching the destination, you both politely said goodbye with a smile. It sure was fun. So there, you headed where you’re supposed to go with your earphones on, as usual. As you hurriedly walk, someone tapped your shoulder. And since you went back to yourself, the reaction was more of a scare than surprised. Oh! that guy. How fast can he get to where you’re heading? He was exactly going opposite as yours. But anyway, he was there. Looking at you. Apologized for scaring you at the same time, flashing that nice smile. He was there for a reason, of course. While gasping for breath and still smiling, he tried to compose himself and got direct to the point. You both can’t help but smile. There was even silence looking at each other and smiling. It was quick but you can’t deny the fact that it put a smile on your face. As you went back to walking and to your usual self(again), you know what it is..wandering mind it is. Well, more of wondering like, what was that? What’s that for? Being the crazy person as you are, it made you think. A lot of why bubbles form that head. Maybe, it is true that some things happen when we least expect it. But for now, you just leave everything as it is. Thank you for that wonderful experience. Memory bank updated.


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Appreciate the noise; you have ears to hear

Appreciate the sight; you have eyes to see

Appreciate the smell; your nose is well

Appreciate the touch; you are not numb

Appreciate the taste; your buds are healthy


Appreciate everything, even the not so good ones.

At least, you have the ability to distinguish good from bad, delicious from spoiled, smooth from rough and everything else in between.

Others are hoping they have these but they don’t. You are one lucky being for having all of these. For simply being complete. Consider yourself truly blessed.

As we get older, maybe, we will be more sensitive to the bad, uncomfortable things  and situations around us. Sure, we get irritated. We even get short tempered and hot headed. But hey! we can choose not to be. We can ride along the discomforts and be reminded that it will just pass through. Life in itself is  already complicated but the power is in our hands to turn that around.

Perspective — another thing that is definitely not easy to do. It takes practice and mindset to master it. Like I said, we are given enough intelligence to decide which emotions to choose. Be happy or sulk up in anger? Smile or frown? Be worried or be more excited? Be envious or be inspired to be better? Let’s just be happy, ok? Smile! Sing and dance to the music you’ve been wanting hear and be happy!


Thanks for reading. Happy Weekend! Cheers!^_^