And so, I watched a concert again. I am actually not feeling well, I had a hard time breathing, my taste buds were impaired but, the hell I care. It’s a Friday, anyway. So, go na. 🙂 I was supposed to be part of them but due to conflict schedules, I didn’t commit. I still  went and supported them. Whether I’m a performer  or just part of the audience, it doesn’t matter, I’m happy as long as I am there. It is something priceless to me. MUSIC. That’s what keeps the world go around. They say, love is…but without music  is boring, right? It makes everything beautiful. Just. No questions. It sure brings out the best in humanity. How wonderful it is. There’s something I cannot describe more than kilig. From simple note clashes to a nice ‘latag’ of notes and ensemble. Beautiful. When I listen to Korean songs that I have no idea what they are saying, all I know is that it  gives a nice and refreshing feeling. How I appreciate an Italian song. How I listen to a German song that of course, I don’t know the meaning but, my heart says it’s good. How I am in awe listening and appreciating from classical to rap. On repeat. Lyrics and/or translations would go later and learn to appreciate music more. Thinking how they came up with such nice rhythms and beats. Eargasmic that is. I can just talk of a thousand music that made and still makes me kilig all day. And many more.

Watching my beloved group made me realize a lot of things. Made me think more. How magical music is.. It crosses borders. It makes us laugh, cry, go crazy. It inspires. It nurtures. It heals. It evolves. It helps us look at things beautifully. It transpires. It breaks barriers. It communicates when  words can no longer express. Everything just makes sense. Every encounter is a learning process to understand things better. Watching them and looking at us, alumni, put a smile on my face and realize how we have grown. Also, realizing their process of growth as well. Or how we mature, at least. How everyone deals with everything. With the group…Pressure. Notes. Lines. Voice. How you look on stage. Everything. Sure, it wasn’t easy to deal with those things but like life in general and in the real world, it’s definitely not easy. It’s a daily battle. A constant journey and discovery. An ongoing battle. But you see, the beauty of this life is that we are given the chance to choose which perspective we want to see? Do you see mistakes and flaws as a total failure or you see it as a chance for your betterment and development? Do you just give in to pressure or you choose to face it fair and square? When you did something good and people praise you, do you become boastful and too proud of yourself or you keep the humility? When you get better, do you forget to look back, stop getting better and not learn anymore or continue learning more? The choice is always ours to make. That’s life.

Music has different genres. It has many flavors. It’s very dynamic. It has different textures. Everything is special. It is just a matter of appreciation. Just because the song is noisy or it’s a rap doesn’t mean it has no substance at all. You might be surprised that it has more substance over the ones that is being commonly heard and sung just because it’s mainstream. You just have to hear them closely to understand and appreciate better. There’s a deeper thought to it. Just like in life, even though we are all beautifully unique, we also go through a lot. Just because you made a mistake or you are a loud person doesn’t mean you are not a good person anymore. We just have to know more, listen more, understand more. There’s substance to it. Sometimes, we even have to go through certain painful and hurtful process for us to appreciate the beauty that lies within. Life is beautiful, isn’t it? It sure is. But, it makes it more colorful and more meaningful with music.

Thank you for reading. Happy weekend! Cheers!


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