Jeepney Chronicles 6

Traffic was really terrible the past weeks. No matter how you try your best to leave early and not be late, you still lose. In times like these, there’s really no way to get away with it rather, just face it and be hopeful that in the coming days, it would get better. As you all know, heavy traffic plus good music is a perfect recipe for the wandering mind. On one special occasion, while battling with a headache, you still got room for nonsense thinking. Amazing, huh! Yes,nonsense. But, you allowed yourself to be consumed in that thought. Random thoughts as usual. But admittedly, there’s this one thought that tops the brain at the moment. You found yourself creating lines that would somehow reveal your emotions. You were actually creating a poem. For a change, a poem. A poem that would try to unfold everything. A poem that would open and close everything. You’ve been wanting to give a letter for the longest time but maybe, poems would be lovely, too. As always, having courage seems like the most difficult thing to do in the world because you are afraid of  –Rejection. Yeah, right! That’s what it is. You already knew… you were just afraid to face it. It has been shouting right in front of your face, you just chose not to hear it. Of course, for someone who’s been through a lot, that’s the best way to protect yourself — to get away with that word. Damn that tiny hope. But, the other part of you wants to face it. So what if you will be rejected? So what if you shared a piece of your heart to him? At least, for once in your life, you were brave enough to tell that person that you actually care. You really do. You like that being. He is special. That he will be remain special. And then, quietly walk away. Right. That’s more like it. You are simply two beings who are on the same book but will never be on the same page.

Thanks for reading. Happy weekend!


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