Jeepney Chronicles 5

Traffic: Manageable. Well, it was not as serious as you expected.  Music: On. Perfect mood for wandering again. The week that passed was rather chaotic than expected. Actually, the entire week was pretty okay until it became uncomfortable. Until the waiting turned to nothing. Maybe, some things or a lot are really beyond control. That’s when the mind starts to swim with thoughts. Maybe, that was really it. This is nothing new to you. Truth is, you are so used to dealing with this sh*t but for some strange reasons, it was different. It felt different. What has been happening? What was going on?  What was that for? Has it really reached the line? As usual, no answer will ever be given to the questions. But I know one day, there will be answers to everything.  A sure fact. But for now, you sulk up in the situation. To say you are not affected is an understatement. Coz you are. It’s not fair not to finish a meal because you just lost appetite. Moreso, skipping a meal. No appetite. Yeah, right. It’s not fair to lose interest in what you’re supposed to do. It’s a daily activity but you decided to skip. Cool, huh? It’s not even fair to have a headache when you are perfectly fine the entire day.  It’s not fair to look down while walking. You normally are a bubbly being. It’s not fair to be teary eyed  crying over this. It’s not fair that you are the only one having all of these. But anyway, as far as you know yourself, you can do better. Way better than this. Sure! But, why? Because you are hurt. No, you are frustrated….and hurt. That’s it. You are still not well but you will definitely be all right. That’s for sure….and oh!a glass of cocktail will surely help ease the feeling. Ah yeah! 🙂

Thanks for reading. 

Happy weekend. Stay happy and positive always. Cheers!



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