Life is a Cinch 2

Birthday week went pretty good. There was no definite plan to everything but something special still happened. At work was a simple but fun celebration. I felt really thankful and flattered. Thank you so much. With family was a simple dinner party. Despite the rain and super heavy traffic, they made it. Singing a Happy Birthday song with a cake is definitely part of the tradition. The thing that makes it special is that important people sang for you. The restaurant even gave a complimentary birthday ice cream. I felt thankful that I had the chance to celebrate with them.  Thank you very much. On Saturday, I had the chance to have a post birthday celebration with dear friends. What I thought of an ordinary dinner meet up turned out to be a very special one for me. A small cake was brought out with matching singing the tagalog version of Happy Birthday — our way. Just like the old times. I was really surprised. I felt loved. Everyone made an effort to make me happy and we created good and lifetime memories. Effort really counts. For that, I am really blessed. Thank you sweet Jesus. 

Anyway, here is the Part 2 of some thoughts to live by to living a simpler, better life. Credits to 2013 Belle de Jour Power Planner.


If you’re like me, you are constantly learning new skills  – gardening, carpentry, pizza-making, languages, sports, and so on. And I think this is a fun and wonderful thing to do.

But what’s the most important skill?

That’s debatable. I think compassion is a huge one, as is mindfulness. I’d go with those two any day of the week.

But if I had to pick just one, it would be this: learning to be happy with yourself.

Why? The answer has nothing to do with how this one thing can affect everything else in your life. If you are not happy with yourself, or your body, you become insecure. You think you’re not good enough. You fear being abandoned and alone. You do lots of other things to compensate, and these lead to problems. 

You are already perfect — you just need to realize it. You don’t need anything to solve this problem — you already have it. You just need to practice, like it’s the most important thing in your life, because in many ways, it is.


From getting in shape to flossing to getting productive to waking earlier and much more … there are so many habits to change that people often become overwhelmed to the point where they don’t start.

Pick something fun and easy. One thing. Anything, really. What you pick matters little, because you’ll get to everything you want to work on eventually. Where it does matter is in how difficult the change is — if it’s too hard, you might fail and get discouraged. If it’s easy and fun, you’re more likely to succeed to move on to the next challenge.

Here’s a few suggestions for great habits to start with. Pick one of the following, depending on how much it appeals to you, and how much fun you might have been doing it.

           1.  5 minutes of Meditation.

           2. Simplify.

           3. Fun exercise.

           4. A small Healthy Eating Habit.

What if you want to do all four of these? Pick the one you are looking forward to the most. If there’s a tie, then pick randomly. It doesn’t matter where you star. What matters is that you start.


There is a tendency among productive people to try to make the best use of every single minute, from the minute they wake.

Got time? Read a book, learn a new language, organize your to-do list.

This is the mindset that we’re supposed to have. Every minute counts, because time’s a wasting. The clock is ticking. The sands of hourglass are spilling.

Killing time isn’t a sin — it’s a misnomer. We’ve framed the question entirely wrong. It’s not a matter of ‘killing time’, but of enjoying it.

If we ask ourselves instead, “How can I best enjoy this moment?”, then the entire proposition is reframed.

Now we might spend this moment working if that work bring us joy. But we might also spend it relaxing, doing nothing, feeling the breeze on the nape of our neck, losing ourselves in conversation with a cherished friend, snuggling under the covers with a lover.

This is life. A life of joy, of wonderfulness.


Happy Sunday! Thank you for reading. Cheers!


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