Jeepney Chronicles 4

Few days before the special date, lots of crazy, exciting, surprising random thoughts run this crazy brain. Blame the cars for slooooowly moving or almost not moving for giving the mind the  chance to fly and imagine crazily what you secretly dreamed of happening on that day. Okay, you are well aware of the fact that some of it are realistically far from reality. Yet you still dream. To be genuinely hopeful is one of the best weapons that you have right now so, why not keep the faith? Hoping that the traffic condition gets better would atleast  lessen the chance to entertain the craziness. But, you’re wrong, it didn’t move. You went back to imagining again. You suddenly found yourself smirking and it gives you a happy and light feeling so, you went back to creating those exciting thoughts again. Here you go…*play B’itch don’t kill mu vibe*

A simple getaway with family. A beach getaway, perhaps. Or any new experience for everyone. Since almost everyone is busy, a travel getaway with them one weekend would be nice. New places has been discovered lately and they seemed really interesting. Many places are yet to be discovered around Tanay alone. Siblings is fine but the father is very cooperative (pun intended) the moment you started talking about it. Anywhere is fine as long as you’re with them. (this one, you’re quite hopeful that you can make it a reality.yay!)

Chocolates, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Pistachios. A bed of Ritter Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts. Ferrero Rocher. Ferrero Raffaello (white chocolate with coconut). Heaven.

Flowers. You never liked flowers. Well, you secretly do.But, that has to be tulips. You secretly hope that someone would send a flower (1 tulip is more than enough or a small box of Petalier roses would be extremely lovely) Actually  Honestly, there’s this one specific someone you dream would give you this. (eto ata talaga ung ultimate suntok sa buwan. :))

Dine/ Celebrate. A fancy dinner celebration with family, loved ones and that special someone. A feel good and memorable night.

Play and/or sing. Someone to sing a Happy Birthday or any song that is sincerely dedicated. Or play any musical instruments is  of course, highly appreciated.

Good health for everyone special around you.

Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend. Stay positive. Cheers to good life!



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