Life is a Cinch 2

Birthday week went pretty good. There was no definite plan to everything but something special still happened. At work was a simple but fun celebration. I felt really thankful and flattered. Thank you so much. With family was a simple dinner party. Despite the rain and super heavy traffic, they made it. Singing a Happy Birthday song with a cake is definitely part of the tradition. The thing that makes it special is that important people sang for you. The restaurant even gave a complimentary birthday ice cream. I felt thankful that I had the chance to celebrate with them.  Thank you very much. On Saturday, I had the chance to have a post birthday celebration with dear friends. What I thought of an ordinary dinner meet up turned out to be a very special one for me. A small cake was brought out with matching singing the tagalog version of Happy Birthday — our way. Just like the old times. I was really surprised. I felt loved. Everyone made an effort to make me happy and we created good and lifetime memories. Effort really counts. For that, I am really blessed. Thank you sweet Jesus. 

Anyway, here is the Part 2 of some thoughts to live by to living a simpler, better life. Credits to 2013 Belle de Jour Power Planner.


If you’re like me, you are constantly learning new skills  – gardening, carpentry, pizza-making, languages, sports, and so on. And I think this is a fun and wonderful thing to do.

But what’s the most important skill?

That’s debatable. I think compassion is a huge one, as is mindfulness. I’d go with those two any day of the week.

But if I had to pick just one, it would be this: learning to be happy with yourself.

Why? The answer has nothing to do with how this one thing can affect everything else in your life. If you are not happy with yourself, or your body, you become insecure. You think you’re not good enough. You fear being abandoned and alone. You do lots of other things to compensate, and these lead to problems. 

You are already perfect — you just need to realize it. You don’t need anything to solve this problem — you already have it. You just need to practice, like it’s the most important thing in your life, because in many ways, it is.


From getting in shape to flossing to getting productive to waking earlier and much more … there are so many habits to change that people often become overwhelmed to the point where they don’t start.

Pick something fun and easy. One thing. Anything, really. What you pick matters little, because you’ll get to everything you want to work on eventually. Where it does matter is in how difficult the change is — if it’s too hard, you might fail and get discouraged. If it’s easy and fun, you’re more likely to succeed to move on to the next challenge.

Here’s a few suggestions for great habits to start with. Pick one of the following, depending on how much it appeals to you, and how much fun you might have been doing it.

           1.  5 minutes of Meditation.

           2. Simplify.

           3. Fun exercise.

           4. A small Healthy Eating Habit.

What if you want to do all four of these? Pick the one you are looking forward to the most. If there’s a tie, then pick randomly. It doesn’t matter where you star. What matters is that you start.


There is a tendency among productive people to try to make the best use of every single minute, from the minute they wake.

Got time? Read a book, learn a new language, organize your to-do list.

This is the mindset that we’re supposed to have. Every minute counts, because time’s a wasting. The clock is ticking. The sands of hourglass are spilling.

Killing time isn’t a sin — it’s a misnomer. We’ve framed the question entirely wrong. It’s not a matter of ‘killing time’, but of enjoying it.

If we ask ourselves instead, “How can I best enjoy this moment?”, then the entire proposition is reframed.

Now we might spend this moment working if that work bring us joy. But we might also spend it relaxing, doing nothing, feeling the breeze on the nape of our neck, losing ourselves in conversation with a cherished friend, snuggling under the covers with a lover.

This is life. A life of joy, of wonderfulness.


Happy Sunday! Thank you for reading. Cheers!


Jeepney Chronicles 4

Few days before the special date, lots of crazy, exciting, surprising random thoughts run this crazy brain. Blame the cars for slooooowly moving or almost not moving for giving the mind the  chance to fly and imagine crazily what you secretly dreamed of happening on that day. Okay, you are well aware of the fact that some of it are realistically far from reality. Yet you still dream. To be genuinely hopeful is one of the best weapons that you have right now so, why not keep the faith? Hoping that the traffic condition gets better would atleast  lessen the chance to entertain the craziness. But, you’re wrong, it didn’t move. You went back to imagining again. You suddenly found yourself smirking and it gives you a happy and light feeling so, you went back to creating those exciting thoughts again. Here you go…*play B’itch don’t kill mu vibe*

A simple getaway with family. A beach getaway, perhaps. Or any new experience for everyone. Since almost everyone is busy, a travel getaway with them one weekend would be nice. New places has been discovered lately and they seemed really interesting. Many places are yet to be discovered around Tanay alone. Siblings is fine but the father is very cooperative (pun intended) the moment you started talking about it. Anywhere is fine as long as you’re with them. (this one, you’re quite hopeful that you can make it a reality.yay!)

Chocolates, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Pistachios. A bed of Ritter Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts. Ferrero Rocher. Ferrero Raffaello (white chocolate with coconut). Heaven.

Flowers. You never liked flowers. Well, you secretly do.But, that has to be tulips. You secretly hope that someone would send a flower (1 tulip is more than enough or a small box of Petalier roses would be extremely lovely) Actually  Honestly, there’s this one specific someone you dream would give you this. (eto ata talaga ung ultimate suntok sa buwan. :))

Dine/ Celebrate. A fancy dinner celebration with family, loved ones and that special someone. A feel good and memorable night.

Play and/or sing. Someone to sing a Happy Birthday or any song that is sincerely dedicated. Or play any musical instruments is  of course, highly appreciated.

Good health for everyone special around you.

Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend. Stay positive. Cheers to good life!


Breezy Lady

The artist that I’m currently crazy about. CHRIS BROWN! Yeah, you read it right. Christopher Maurice Brown! Oh gosh,typing his name makes me super kilig na. I am a fan of  RnB music well actually, music of all genres. I have a high appreciation for music, I must say, but, I seriously don’t know what got me to be this crazy. I know the name. I know the songs but I cannot explain exactly what happened why I got hooked. See? I’m such a late bloomer…with almost everything. But like I said, who cares? I’m in no competition with the others. It is not intentional but I am not the type who follows the fad. I am actually usually left behind. But that’s perfectly fine. Just my own pace. Being hooked with Chris Brown’s artistry is definitely one of them. It always feels like entering a different world. Usually, when I am into something, I really focus on it. I do extensive research. I watch everything. From interviews to live concerts. I read everything. I look at pictures. I save them. It’s also a first, I guess. He is the first artist I followed on Instagram. (Well, also a late bloomer in IG world, I recently had one. :)) I talk about him. I talk about how good of an artist he is and and as a person. It makes me smile. My friends think I’m crazy. Yes I am.  I even influence some few good friends unnoticingly because of my endless stories and discoveries about him. YOu could just imagine how excited I am everytime I tell stories about him. Saya noh? 🙂 My siblings would even stare at me blankly everytime I share, talk something about him, the song, updates, etc.. They know I’m crazy and that’s fine with me. 🙂 They know the Chris Brown as a singer even before but I  am different. I had zero knowledge about him. I mean, I heard his songs but obviously, didn’t focus. Now, it’s different. Entirely different. I know differently. I just knew recently. That’s why I am like this. People only know a little and definitely quick to judge. He’s been in public scrutiny from the time he started. Good thing, I was not part of that ‘public’. Most likely, I also know a little of him but I had no judgement. The fact is, I had so much respect. Watching him makes me think that he is indeed a good person. Of course, I might sound too much to everything but that’s how I really see it. I see something. Maybe, I was not blinded. Watching him makes me want to know him more. From the time I got hooked, I started listening to his music. I traced back his tracks and tried to understand his growth as an artist. I even listen to mixtapes. Okay, I listen to  everything that involves him. The unreleased ones have more substance over the song releases in the market. It is a constant discovery for me. I cannot totally consider myself a fan because in my opinion, a fan would just want to see the beauty in everything their idols do. They just always give high praises about the person but if their idol did something bad or against with what they like, they would be the one to cast stones immediately and detest the artist. I am not like them. As I said, I am different. I want to see flaws. I watch concerts on youtube. Thank you, youtube. 🙂 I had the chance to watch his concert in Manila. See, I wasn’t aware that he was supposed to hold a yearend concert here few years back but for some reasons, it was cancelled. I had no idea.. Anyway, the concert that pushed through was a blessing for me coz I had the chance to see him live. Of course, I was heavens away with him but watching him perform live is so far, one of the most memorable events in this lifetime. Thank you siblings for the support. 🙂 So, going back to my craziness, I continuously trace back live performances. Along with the recent ones. Dancing is undeniably good. Damn good. He is indeed a performer. His voice is also no question but when I listen to him, I focus more on the little details. I wait for a flaw. Crazy, huh? To me, flaws in a live performance would be better. If not a flaw, an adlib or something different from the original record. That makes me respect him more. Artists in general.(Classical music is an exception, of course. :)) Well, it means he is human. He is an artist. There was this one show that I watched and listened closely, while doing the adlib, his voice suddenly broke.(Of course, it was pretty high) I found it really beautiful so, I kept listening to it and waited that moment where his voice would break. To me, that’s lovely. These are just a few testaments of my craziness with this young sir. I look the other way around.  Somehow, I am happy though, that it is only now that I get to like him this much. He is a finer man now. He’s become a better being now, I suppose or I hope. I’d like to believe that way.

I don’t know how long would I go crazy but one thing is for sure, Chris Brown is one of the greatest artists in this generation. No doubt about it. He is such a generous artist to share the world what he has. He may have gone astray but I know along the way, he would surely get back on his toes and keep his real self in tact. His music is something that would never go astray. Music is something that would stay true and genuine to him. His music will be forever appreciated. You are historical, Chris Brown. Much love and thank you to you!



Thank you for taking the time in reading this craziness. I really appreciate it. 🙂