The week that was

Last week has been pretty busy but definitely worth it and memorable. 

I just wanted to share how last week went. 

MONDAY (041116)

A get together party which was definitely for the books. Meet up with family ver 2.0. One friend held a party for us since we haven’t seen him for such a long time. Nine years to be exact. Well, some of us still see each other since we are just around the corner but we haven’t done this in a while so, this one was definitely special.  I was battling with migraine during the gathering. It’s something I could not afford to miss. I don’t usually take medicine but for the sake of the memorable night, I took one. Was not effective.. Thank you, anyway. 🙂 The night was generally filled with laughter, endless stories, reminisce, ‘okrayan’ (like everyone is used to doing.just like the old times), crack jokes and everyone would just end up laughing really hard. It felt good. I felt family. We almost saw each other grew up together. Well, we were the first batch to have traveled Europe at a young age. How cool was that? I am blessed to have met these wonderful people. Our differences and uniqueness make us love each other more — like a real family does.


WEDNESDAY (041316)

Watching a graduation recital made me realize how blessed and thankful I am for the gift of music. Music really has its way of coming back. Even in its simplest form. I decided to watch it because I wanted to know the feeling of watching a classical performance again after all these years. Also, in support of a friend who has a special participation in the recital. You did great, as always. 🙂 Anyway, I realized that the feeling will always remain the same. No matter how I try to run away from it, I guess, the heavens will really find its way for me to go back to music. Whether as a performer or as an audience. As long as there’s music. Both are fulfilling and nurturing. Being a part of the audience is also a great thing. It makes me appreciate everything more. Also, I become more critical and analytical. It was a great performance, anyway. You know what naturally happens next after the show? Rushing to the nearest coffee shop that is. There’s always room for more bonding sessions. I like that our topics are so random and with maturity.

FRIDAY (041516)

The supposed plan to celebrate a student’s birthday somewhere was almost cancelled but for some strange reasons, it pushed through. We went to the nearest adventure park. No idea what to expect since it’s almost everyone’s first time. Well, I’ve been there last year, but had no chance to actually explore the place. It wasn’t a good start for everyone. We started really late. Plus the fact that it’s extremely hot. Everyone was just sensitive and hot headed. We spent almost the entire day there. Somehow, everyone just managed to have fun and enjoy. It really is just a matter of perspective. 🙂 Dinner was also a great time for everyone to talk and exchange thoughts. We ended the day by playing billiards. It was one leisure activity that I really enjoy doing. Quite glad that I had the chance to play with them. I don’t understand why the time on this day was specially way toooo slow. It was a great time, anyway.

How did your week go? I hope that whatever you do anytime of the day or the week, you find beauty in everything. Even in stressful situations. Stay positive. Have a great week ahead! Cheers!


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