Music has been a part of everyone’s life. Whatever mood we are in, music always fuels those emotions. Nowadays, listening to music has become a habit. Wherever we are, there is always an easy access to listening to it. Almost all gadgets  have built in music players. It is actually one of the features in most gadgets. There’s even apps for it. Of course, to be able to listen to music on the road, you have to have an mp3 player and a good set of earbuds. I just wanted to give recognition to this accessory — EARBUDS. Yes, earbuds! In the past, we simply call it earphones, headset, headphones, etc. But over time, how it is being called has evolved  and/or maybe, will still evolve in the future so, we just have to go with the flow. Earbuds it is. 🙂 Well, I had a number of earbuds over time. Also, I had a lot of stories about broken earphones.. My dog had fun chewing it until it got broken, suddenly one ear is not working, became grounded, etc. And it breaks my heart every time it gets broken.( Baliw, noh?) But, it’s true. I feel really sad and incomplete if I don’t have a good one. I am proud of it because of the the good quality plus some of it were given to me so, it’s more special. I cannot  live a day without it more so, leaving the house without it. A real must have. To me, it is one of the most essential things I must have everywhere I go. As in literally everywhere.. even in the restroom. I know you also do it so, there’s nothing to worry. 🙂 We might not realize how important it is because it is always with us that’s why we just overlook its value. Having earbuds in your ears is the easiest escape to everything you don’t feel like dealing with. It is like a best friend — always with us to support and be with us all the time. Like real best friends do. Having a good set of earbuds make me appreciate the music more. Listening closely makes me recognize how beautiful the song was  created. Sometimes or most of the times, I don’t plainly listen to the song, not even on vocals anymore but I listen more on the harmony, back up vocals, which instrument was dominantly played, the patterns used, the rhythm, everything about it. And by then, I appreciate the music more. I am often amazed as to how artists come up with a great song. Call Miss Emut crazy but that’s how I do it. And I always will. I can live a day just by listening to music. If earbuds is like us, I just wanted to say thank you to this wonderful invention. I will give it a tight hug as well. Thank you to Nathaniel Baldwin, the inventor of headphones.(Credits to Google for this information.)



Thank you to brother for this bright idea. We tried our best to form my name, it’s just too challenging. Eto na ung best. 🙂

                                                                                 Thank you for reading. Until next time. Cheers!


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