Three weeks ago, I witnessed two very beautiful sights in one day. It has never happened yet in my lifetime or maybe it did, I just didn’t give attention to. I don’t know if it will ever occur again in this lifetime but I feel very blessed to have witnessed a heaven’s gift. In the morning, I saw a rainbow by chance. Yes! A rainbow! How often do we see a rainbow? Well, for the record, I rarely see a full blown rainbow. It’s usually almost fading so, there’s not much excitement seeing it. Thanks to my student who was out of focus during class and kept on moving. I was actually getting impatient and angry until finally he screamed “Teacher, there’s a rainbow!” When I turned around, I was in total awe in this beauty. My temper softened. It put a smile on my almost angry face.  A perfect definition of beauty in chaos kind of situation. 🙂 We all enjoyed the sight. There is something in it that makes you feel peace. I might be overreacting but to be honest, I never really pay attention every time it appears but I don’t know, this time it felt different. I felt thankful. I felt hope. More so, I felt blessed.

              The entire day was rather gloomy. At night, I also don’t know what happened to me but that night, I found myself staring blankly at the sky. The cloud was quite dark but the moon was so enchanting not to stare. It is so quiet but, it’s oozing with beauty and grace. The weather was predicted to be raining late night so, dark clouds were also noticeable. The clouds slowly move. Clouds covered the moon. It became dark. Clouds passed by the moon. It became clear. I found myself smiling again. I am so happy witnessing the beauty of the night. I went to sleep literally smiling and feeling really thankful and blessed. Thank you sweet Jesus for letting me see and appreciate your beauty all in one day!

             I felt so content that in one day, I was able to witness two of heaven’s beauty. People might find me strange for taking the time to write and talk about it but I realized a lot of things with this experience, in our existence. We, humans, are so busy with everything, money, future, life, family, and everything in between to the point that we forget the simple things in life. We forget to look around. We forget to appreciate the little things we often neglect. It sounds like a cliche, but it’s true. It’s really the simple things that make us happy. We are too busy with the grand things this life can offer that we don’t look at our surroundings anymore. Sometimes, it feels good to just sit back and relax. Appreciate what your eyes can see, your nose can smell,  your ear can hear, your mouth can taste, your hands can feel and touch. I know it’s not easy and I may sound too superficial here but I chose to see the beauty of the world. I hope you do, too. 🙂 Our world is already in chaos and we face a lot of challenges on a daily basis, so, why not for some time, at the very least, appreciate those tiny things. Happiness is just around the corner. It is really a matter of perspective. It takes time, practice and mind set to get used to it. I am still in the continuous process but I believe, you can do it too! Try it! It’s fun and self-fulfilling. After doing so, try influencing other people, too.  Who knows, we can be citizens of the world who knows how to appreciate the simple beauties in life and be happy with it. It’s a beautiful world, anyway. Cheers to a simple, happy, beautiful and content life! Smile!💃


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