The word ‘unexpected’ is I guess, one of the words that people don’t like. Or maybe, we have biased impression of it. If it’s something beautiful, of course, who wouldn’t want to like it? But, if it’s something against our will, what’s there to like, di ba? Well, unexpected information usually rocks our world. Plans are made but when you hear something different, it’s like going back to square one. Worse, you become totally lost. Feels like going nowhere. Human nature as it is, we are fond of creating our future but we cannot deny the fact that fate has its own share. Fate has a stronger say in almost everything. Sometimes, plans don’t work as you wished it to happen. It’s most likely the other way around. You begin to falter. You blame yourself. You begin to doubt. You begin to lose faith. You begin to lose confidence. You are completely shattered into pieces. Again. You thought that everything is all right and doing well until suddenly breaks everything. You thought you knew what to do. You just thought. But reality hits. What will you do? What can you do? What do you have to do? Of course! You have to keep moving. Move forward. Plan again. Hope again. Start again. Think and believe that everything really happens for a reason. Don’t be afraid to start again. It is a cycle, anyway.  It is also a matter of perspective. Indeed. Maybe fate is clearly sending its lesson that some things are REALLY beyond our control. No one can explain it but it has the capacity to unfold in itself in God’s perfect time. Amidst all these, remind yourself that there is hope. You are not alone. Be hopeful. Be positive. Be happy. Have faith. Beautiful things are coming your way.

If you are feeling low and feels like losing hope, remind yourself of this sweet quote from Winnie the Pooh(my favorite. :)) :

 You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. Oh bother!~ Smile!


Thank you for reading. Cheers!





Music has been a part of everyone’s life. Whatever mood we are in, music always fuels those emotions. Nowadays, listening to music has become a habit. Wherever we are, there is always an easy access to listening to it. Almost all gadgets  have built in music players. It is actually one of the features in most gadgets. There’s even apps for it. Of course, to be able to listen to music on the road, you have to have an mp3 player and a good set of earbuds. I just wanted to give recognition to this accessory — EARBUDS. Yes, earbuds! In the past, we simply call it earphones, headset, headphones, etc. But over time, how it is being called has evolved  and/or maybe, will still evolve in the future so, we just have to go with the flow. Earbuds it is. 🙂 Well, I had a number of earbuds over time. Also, I had a lot of stories about broken earphones.. My dog had fun chewing it until it got broken, suddenly one ear is not working, became grounded, etc. And it breaks my heart every time it gets broken.( Baliw, noh?) But, it’s true. I feel really sad and incomplete if I don’t have a good one. I am proud of it because of the the good quality plus some of it were given to me so, it’s more special. I cannot  live a day without it more so, leaving the house without it. A real must have. To me, it is one of the most essential things I must have everywhere I go. As in literally everywhere.. even in the restroom. I know you also do it so, there’s nothing to worry. 🙂 We might not realize how important it is because it is always with us that’s why we just overlook its value. Having earbuds in your ears is the easiest escape to everything you don’t feel like dealing with. It is like a best friend — always with us to support and be with us all the time. Like real best friends do. Having a good set of earbuds make me appreciate the music more. Listening closely makes me recognize how beautiful the song was  created. Sometimes or most of the times, I don’t plainly listen to the song, not even on vocals anymore but I listen more on the harmony, back up vocals, which instrument was dominantly played, the patterns used, the rhythm, everything about it. And by then, I appreciate the music more. I am often amazed as to how artists come up with a great song. Call Miss Emut crazy but that’s how I do it. And I always will. I can live a day just by listening to music. If earbuds is like us, I just wanted to say thank you to this wonderful invention. I will give it a tight hug as well. Thank you to Nathaniel Baldwin, the inventor of headphones.(Credits to Google for this information.)



Thank you to brother for this bright idea. We tried our best to form my name, it’s just too challenging. Eto na ung best. 🙂

                                                                                 Thank you for reading. Until next time. Cheers!


Spring cleaning was done way early or rather late. Either way, I’m cleaning. haha! As expected, when we clean, there is a bigger tendency to go back in time and reminisce. I surprisingly found a lot of things I totally forgot. Letters,notes, random writings written everywhere(scratch papers, receipts,name it…there’s a note on it), poems, pictures, etc. I guess it’s about time to let go of some of them so, before I bid goodbye to some of the writings, and since I already have a blog(yey!), I’d like to share a few poems that were given to me. I don’t know whether they really made it or where they got it, all I know was that they expressed it with sincerity and genuine emotion at that time so, that’s more than enough and special already. Masaya na ko nun. 🙂 Enjoy! Hope you like it. 🙂


It's a feeling I can't describe
I think of you day and night
Every time I'm weary and down
You make me feel so right

Crazy isn't the right word to describe
These feelings inside my heart
I realized I have found
A way to be one your parts

Wherever I go, Whatever I do
Feels like I'm there with you
Though it can be illusions
I know I'm not in delusions.
 I cannot be a perfect human being
But always, I'll die for you
No, don't say that I'm lying
For everything I wrote is true





I cannot promise you that
I will not change
I will not have many different moods
I will not hurt your feelings sometimes
I will not be erratic
I will always be strong, my faults will not show
I do promise you that
I will always be supportive of you
I will share my thoughts and feelings with you
I will give you freedom to be yourself
I will understand everything that you do
I will be completely honest with you
I will laugh and cry with you
 I will help you achieve your goals
But most of all--
I do promise you that
I will love you forever



I'm not expecting it before
Meeting the one I've been looking for
I never thought I would see
Someone possessing such beauty

Glamorous in your long hair
You have the looks that made me stare
You have even charm and poise
You've attracted many boys

I have fallen for you so deeply
Forgetting you is just too hard for me
You are always on my mind
It's hard leaving my feelings behind

Now really facing insanity
Knowing that you're not meant for me
Though I'm constantly not to
It's just too hard for me to stop loving you


We can love someone and just be happy about it
Even if we know that it cannot last forever
It's not about having someone
It's not about being in a relationship

There's a purpose behind all events
And these purposes develop you as a person.

Whatever relationship you have right now in your life
It is precisely the one you need at the moment
Stay happy cause it helps you grow

5 Lessons in Life from Dr. Seuss

  1.     Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er                                    than you.


      2.      Why fit in when you were born to stand out?


      3.      You have brains in your head. You have fee in your shoes. You can steer yourself                                            any direction you choose.


      4.     Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and                                      those who matter don’t mind.


       5.     Today I shall believe, as if this is the day I will be remembered.Dr.-Seuss



                                                     Three weeks ago, I witnessed two very beautiful sights in one day. It has never happened yet in my lifetime or maybe it did, I just didn’t give attention to. I don’t know if it will ever occur again in this lifetime but I feel very blessed to have witnessed a heaven’s gift. In the morning, I saw a rainbow by chance. Yes! A rainbow! How often do we see a rainbow? Well, for the record, I rarely see a full blown rainbow. It’s usually almost fading so, there’s not much excitement seeing it. Thanks to my student who was out of focus during class and kept on moving. I was actually getting impatient and angry until finally he screamed “Teacher, there’s a rainbow!” When I turned around, I was in total awe in this beauty. My temper softened. It put a smile on my almost angry face.  A perfect definition of beauty in chaos kind of situation. 🙂 We all enjoyed the sight. There is something in it that makes you feel peace. I might be overreacting but to be honest, I never really pay attention every time it appears but I don’t know, this time it felt different. I felt thankful. I felt hope. More so, I felt blessed.

              The entire day was rather gloomy. At night, I also don’t know what happened to me but that night, I found myself staring blankly at the sky. The cloud was quite dark but the moon was so enchanting not to stare. It is so quiet but, it’s oozing with beauty and grace. The weather was predicted to be raining late night so, dark clouds were also noticeable. The clouds slowly move. Clouds covered the moon. It became dark. Clouds passed by the moon. It became clear. I found myself smiling again. I am so happy witnessing the beauty of the night. I went to sleep literally smiling and feeling really thankful and blessed. Thank you sweet Jesus for letting me see and appreciate your beauty all in one day!

             I felt so content that in one day, I was able to witness two of heaven’s beauty. People might find me strange for taking the time to write and talk about it but I realized a lot of things with this experience, in our existence. We, humans, are so busy with everything, money, future, life, family, and everything in between to the point that we forget the simple things in life. We forget to look around. We forget to appreciate the little things we often neglect. It sounds like a cliche, but it’s true. It’s really the simple things that make us happy. We are too busy with the grand things this life can offer that we don’t look at our surroundings anymore. Sometimes, it feels good to just sit back and relax. Appreciate what your eyes can see, your nose can smell,  your ear can hear, your mouth can taste, your hands can feel and touch. I know it’s not easy and I may sound too superficial here but I chose to see the beauty of the world. I hope you do, too. 🙂 Our world is already in chaos and we face a lot of challenges on a daily basis, so, why not for some time, at the very least, appreciate those tiny things. Happiness is just around the corner. It is really a matter of perspective. It takes time, practice and mind set to get used to it. I am still in the continuous process but I believe, you can do it too! Try it! It’s fun and self-fulfilling. After doing so, try influencing other people, too.  Who knows, we can be citizens of the world who knows how to appreciate the simple beauties in life and be happy with it. It’s a beautiful world, anyway. Cheers to a simple, happy, beautiful and content life! Smile!💃