Oreo and Creamie

Let me introduce the two lovely members of our family, Oreo and Creamie.

               Before bringing a new pet in the house, I quite had a hard time convincing father that I would be bringing one. It’s not that he is totally against it but maybe, he’s more concerned with how hard it is to raise one, physically and emotionally. We just lost a dog a year before Oreo came. It was indeed painful. Dogs are part of the family. Any pets in general, become a part of our family. I believe there is a bigger responsibility than just having them around the house. I admit, I didn’t give much attention to Brando before but he was sure a sweet, strong and playful dog. I remember, he always enjoys sneaking out of the house everytime he sees the gate open. We had to follow him immediately since he runs fast plus, he’s not familiar with the outside world because he never goes out of the house. Those were one of my fondest memories of him. When we lost him, everyone was clueless with what really happened to him. It still remains a mystery. Another mysterious thing that happened was when he left us, one pregnant cat always  stays in our house. Of course at first, we just ignored her. As long as she doesn’t do harm to us. Until one day, we decided to let the pregnant cat stay with us until she gave birth. They stayed  with us until the kittens know how to walk,run and maybe, survive the world outside. Thank you to them. Few months after that, I finally decided I would get a dog. I told myself that this time, I would be more hands on, more caring  and more attached. Oreo came. You can already guess why I named her Oreo. 🙂 Even if father strongly disagrees to it, I still insisted. Upon seeing the black little puppy, he immediately carried her with his hands. Ayaw nya talaga ng dogs! Haha! I was happy na din. Oreo bibi celebrates her birthday every 10th of the month. She is a playful, hyperactive dog. She’s also very sweet.  She’s content just sitting on your lap, charmingly stare at you and that’s it. She’s happy with that. We are happy. Creamie, on the other hand, is the total opposite. Why I named her Creamie is very predictable, right? 🙂 Anyway, Creamie bibi came few months after Oreo. It was father’s idea. Ayaw na ayaw nya talga sa dogs. 🙂 She came to us on the 31st so, we greet her on that day. Pag walang 31, di wala shang greeting. haha! She’s more hyper than Oreo. Her way of being sweet is also different. She easily reacts to everything a person does. She doesn’t sit on your lap unless you force her. She would come to you and ask you to play with her. If you stop, she would insist. Iba rin. 🙂 They both love to eat and destroy things. They know when they made a mistake, quiet lang sila  but if everything is well, playtime lang lagi. They love it. We also do. They may have deliberate differences but we both love them. As much as possible, no favorites. I believe they feel it, too. In fact, I’d like to believe that animals are more emotional than us, humans. Wala, just my theory. No one is above the other. Everyone is treated with equal love and affection.

Here is a picture of them.

2016-01-17 12.50.23.jpg

Guess who is Oreo and Creamie 🙂

                 How about you? Do you also have a pet? Whatever you have, I’m sure you are giving them utmost love and care. If not, it’s about time to let them feel that you truly love them. You can do it. 🙂

                                            Thank you for reading. Let’s show our adorable pets unconditional love they deserve like a real member of the family. Happy weekend! Cheers!


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