Last Friday, I attended the Post Christmas party celebration of my beloved UEC. I was thankful that they thought of inviting us, the alumnae. It is known to many that some relationships in the group went a bit sour while some still remain intact. I’m still hopeful though that everything will be all right in due time. In due time. The party was generally a great time. We arrived at the venue like super late and they were actually in the middle of the meeting( yes, meeting. Christmas party is not complete without a meeting. cool! :)) when we arrived. Since we are there, they had to stop na.  Good riddance, huh?! haha! Everyone was pleasant to meet us. The bubbly and pleasant way. The UEC way. They welcomed us with all smiles and with arms wide open. Finally, we had the chance to meet the new batch. It felt like old meets new. They are so young. Just like us when the group was just starting. It felt good and nostalgic at the same time. After a numerous his and hellos, we had to settle because they will perform their impromptu arrangement. Of course, the more artistic, the better. All guests were judges as usual. It was fun listening to them. After that, the fun continues. Eat. Hi – hello. Smile. Tell stories. Endless chika chika. Sound trip. Random topics. Out of the blue topics and everything in between. Question and answer portion. Thought provoking questions and opinions. Laugh. Reminisce. Jamming. Drink. Hearty laugh. Repeat. Everyone is just free to do whatever they feel like doing. Ganun lang ka-random. The rest of the night til day was basically spent that way. We were actually the last people standing. Just like the old times. Before they slept, they were very accommodating to our needs especially when we were eating. It was flattery. I felt that the legacy of welcoming and accommodating people was  still preserved. Nice discipline. Let’s see sa music. haha! Still, thank you to them. Well, they woke up early to prepare for breakfast and they were very surprised to see us that we were still awake. 🙂 In the morning, they had to explain why they slept early and what happened in the afternoon. According to them, they were really very tired because of the physical games they had. Now, we understand. Nakakatuwa that they had the initiative to explain themselves. Ayos! It was still fun so, they don’t need to worry. Really! I just had to leave earlier than them because I’ve been wide awake since yesterday and it’s already almost 10am!

                   During the party, I’ve come to know different people along with their colorful stories.               I was surprised and flattered that they actually come to me and openly tell their stories.    It was about life and love, in general. I appreciate the fact that they are comfortable opening themselves to me. I’ve listened to different and interesting stories. Hearing them gives me a chance to understand people more. I am amazed at how they carry on with their situations. I was trying to relate myself to them but honestly, I cannot remember a serious situation when I was their age. Maybe, I was innocent, not so serious and simply addicted to singing. Super auti mode.   >.< Times are really changing. Going back, I realized, sometimes, people tell their stories because they just want someone to listen to them. As simple as that. No judgement. It’s not really about seeking advice but plainly an open ear who would willingly listen to them. But me, being the ‘ate’ (eversince), will still try to give advice without any biases. I like that I am still learning. I am happy. 

Thanks for the invite. More to come. This group has become an extension of our families. I hope they will, too, in the future.  I will be forever proud to be part of the family. 

More in the future 🙂


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