We are down to the second half of the year… so, here it is 🙂


RAVE (Rainforest Adventure Experience)      —            One of the places I’ve been hearing ever since and finally, I had the chance to go and experience it. This is where the real pictorial of the engaged couple took place. Thank you to them! It was actually a nice and quiet place. There are a lot of amenities to enjoy with minimal cost. The beauty is that  once you are inside, you wouldn’t think and feel that this place is located around residential areas and indeed a busy city. Nice! Another check in the list!

MOA Arena           —               Oh gosh! This is definitely one of the best firsts this year. I don’t know how and when I became crazy with this young sir and watching a CHRIS BROWN concert was way beyond my imagination but wah! it happened. I.Watched.It! We all know that this is a venue for great performances of great performers local and international and CB is definitely one of those. I conceded to calling myself a ‘late bloomer’ (of almost all sorts, but that’s fine, anyway :)) One of those  ‘late bloomer’ incidents is that I didn’t know that CB was supposed to have a year end concert last year but for some reasons and issues it didn’t push through until later this year, it became a reality. Since I became hooked to this young sir, I was extremely happy to have witnessed his first ever concert here. (Not sure though if there will be a second because of controversies :/) Anyway, the concert was really great. It felt like a dream. A great performer indeed. CB is one of the best artists in this generation. This experience was more memorable because of emzychelby! Absolutely ahhhmazing!

Zark’s Burger       —             It still is the talk of the town because of their unique creations of burgers. A lot of variants to choose from. They brought burger in another level. Must try! Sharing it with friends is highly recommended because they actually have big sizes but if you have a big appetite, enjoy! 🙂


Sitio Elena Garden at the Valley     —          Very unexpected to find a place like this in the area where you have to pass by residential areas. We had to ride a tricycle going to the venue. Can you  imagine how ordinary was that? But, this place is like a rare gem that you really have to find in the middle of nowhere. During the time when my sister was scouting for a reception venue for her wedding, this place really stood out from the rest. We are so blessed to have found this place. Very simple  but you can feel its elegance. It even shouts at you.  A perfect description of “simple pero rock”. (That’s how we always wanted things to be :)) Close to perfection!

UP Town Center (The Clean Plate)       —                I’ve always been curious what to discover here. It really takes an effort to go here because it is not along the way unlike other malls. It feels like a mall and a park rolled into one. The structure is not the typical mall we know. There are a lot of stores to choose from as well as new restaurants to explore and introduce to your taste buds. I happen to dine at an unfamiliar restaurant. According to them, everything was made organic and I’d like to believe them. They were right. Everything was made simple but really sumptuous.  It nice to have that experience once in a while. Try! 🙂


Topiary Garden          —           I often go to Gateway Mall but I’ve never been here. Another surprising discovery. It is located at the top floor of the mall. Well, it’s a garden, so, it has to be in an open space. It was really hot when we went there but I would love to go back when it’s not hot anymore. 🙂

St. Therese of the Child Jesus            —                      Fortune in misfortune. A blessing in disguise. On my way home, traffic was heavy and so, the kuya driver tried to get away with it. Instead of crossing the intersection, he turned right. It was actually a long stretch to Katipunan and U turn slot was really far. Since I already know where it was going, I felt excited that we would pass by the church. I got off upon reaching the slot.  I went inside the church without anything to offer but myself feeling very thankful and blessed. The church is famous for offering eggs with special intentions. My heart was really happy and felt like a kid. The church was at its simplest and calm. I felt peace. I walked out of the church smiling inside. Thank you dear Jesus for this another simple but beautiful experience.


Philippine Arena               —                    The “Tamang Panahon” concert. Not really a fan of whatever but they are making history and it will be a once in a lifetime event so, why not be part of it? I went there in support of my siblings and with father. It’s like showing the same support they give me every time I scream for CB. Give and take lang 🙂 The venue itself is extremely overwhelming. The event was nothing really special for me. It is just like a typical variety show brought in a  bigger venue with a lot of production numbers and ads but what amazed me was the capacity of this show to maintain peace and order. And imagine, how powerful media is to influence thousands or even millions of people? People listened to whatever this show asked people to do. Good communication was really evident during the process. They constantly gave reminders to people in a polite and civil manner. People followed. All viewers were treated like real part of their family so the result was a successful, record breaking, orderly, peaceful and brought a lot of good vibes show. I know and understand how difficult it was for the production people and everyone who was involved in the show. A big congratulations and thank you to them! The show was true to their objective. It was fun and everyone really felt good. Good vibes, they say. I want to commend them for being intelligent enough to use their show, the media as a powerful medium to bring back a lot of things that is being lost and forgotten in our society. Our basic manners. Our Patience. The capacity to sacrifice and the power to  love genuinely. Listen. Follow. Respect. Be happy. Everything at the right time. Let’s face it, we are now living in a very fast paced life so, maybe, they were instruments that God used to remind us not to forget the basics of a simple life. Go back. Look back. Slow down a bit. Chill. Let us not forget our values. It’s our treasure. I am proud that I was part of this history. Congratulations to us! Smile and be happy all the time.

Maginhawa St. (Food Clinique and Gayuma ni Maria)      —          This place has been featured many times on tv, blogs, articles, etc. This has become a food haven since the entire stretch of this street has a lot to offer.  I cannot really choose where to eat because I wanted to try everything but it’s impossible naman. We ended up eating at a very simple dining place. Everything was really very simple. No arte, ika nga. The elegance was later discovered in their food. Ang sarap! Not even pricey so,it’s surely a must try! We went out happy and satisfied. Heard of Gayuma ni Maria? It was also featured many times as a themed resto. Gayuma means love potion so, from the name itself, you already know what to expect. I just saw the interiors on tv but seeing it and being there for the first time made me feel something different. We just had dessert there. It was actually good but I am not really sure about the ambiance. It was interesting, anyway. I am not sure if it’s worth recommending but for the sake of experience and something different, still, a must try!


Riverpark Alabang      —          This is located at the back of Festival Mall and it looks newly built to me. Or, I might be wrong because I rarely go there. 🙂 The place is surrounded by unfamiliar but interesting restaurants. Thank you for the opportunity!


Tagaytay at Night       —     I’ve been here many times and usually go here in the morning. It’s usually with a clear itinerary but this one is different. Aside from the fact that I went there at night, it was definitely unplanned. How beautiful is that? I was invited by a good friend for her post birthday celebration. The supposed check in at a hotel for a birthday party did not materialize. Since we are complete, we had to think of another better option to do. Who wants to go home anyway? No one! We found ourselves riding a van going to Tagaytay. That’s the nearest we could go to. Enroute to Tagaytay it is. So, while on our way, our minds are busy thinking of what to do there. We need to maximize this adventure. I found it really exciting. So, the first thing we decided on doing was to get a full body massage. Yes. A full body massage in Tagaytay. It was nice. Next stop, Sky Ranch. This is another added attraction in Tagaytay. There was not much to see since it’s dark. Just the bright lights but not the beauty of the nature. Overlooking at night is definitely not a good idea. Silly, huh? 🙂 But sure, it was fun. We were screaming especially the moment we reached the peak since it’s moving really really sloooow. We did crescendo screams. We barely felt we were actually moving. Galing! So after that noisy experience, we had dinner in one of the famous bulalo restos. When in Tagaytay, eat bulalo. We were full. Can you expect where would our last stop be? Coffee shop of course! That’s where we stayed until they asked us to leave. Polite and friendly approach naman shempre.  Last customers standing. 🙂 Anyway, we still need to wait for the first bus trip so, where is the next best place to stay? Mcdo na yan! Finally, the bus arrived and it’s time to bid goodbye to the place. We are bringing with us a good and fun packed adventure. Thank you!

Pink Sisters Convent       —                  Another church that I’ve been wanting to visit. I had few hours to spare while waiting for sister. She wanted to be with me going home so me, being the kind and understanding ate(eww!:)) , I agreed to it. This was the place I thought of visiting. I find it always surprising that these notable churches are mostly located in the busy streets of the city. It always feels like finding peace in the middle of a chaotic world. It was quiet and calm. I sat there. Prayed. Made a wish. Thanked the Lord. I told Him everything I feel like saying. I left the place feeling really blessed.

         —–>>                While writing it, I realized how colorful and exciting the year was. If you notice, most of the expressions I used were ‘finally’, ‘surprisingly’ because it is true that these experiences happened unconsciously. They were already in my mind and of course, hoped that someday, I get to experience them myself. And I did. 🙂

Lessons in this journey:

                     Be patient. Believe.  Have Faith. Don’t lose hope. Be positive. Be happy. I know there are times that we really lose it but we always have to be reminded of these powerful words. There are times or most of the times, we just tend to give up because things are not going our way. No matter how we try or force things to happen, if it’s not yet the right time, it will never happen. Little did we know, the Heavens above is creating something special for all of us. We just have to wait and everything will just fall into its proper places. You see, most of the it were really unplanned and they were created out of somewhere. They were even created out of what seemed a crumpled paper. situations. That’s the beauty of adventure. Many things will unfold right before your eyes. Savor and enjoy them. 🙂

                        Thank you for reading. I hope this will serve as an inspiration to people who are afraid of trying. Try. There’s no harm in trying. Really. Remember to just have fun and enjoy every moment. Happy New Year! Smile! Cheers to a better and happier life!


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