As the year end approaches, I’d like to make a list of my many surprising firsts this year. I wanted to insert pictures but they are too  many plus I haven’t totally explored this site yet and I am so excited to write and share so, I’ll just put everything in words. I’ll make sure that in the future, I’ll put pictures na. 🙂 They are surprising because most of it were unplanned. Beautiful accident or fortune in misfortune.. if you can call it that way. I love discovering places. From churches to dining places to new adventures. It’s amazing that they were just in your mind and unknowingly and subconsciously, I realize them one by one.

Here’s a rundown of what I explored this year. Enjoy 🙂


Giligan’s              —                   I know this is but an ordinary gimik resto bar place to go to, but to me, it was special because that’s where we had our first lunch of the year after hearing mass. Father has a skeptic mind when it comes to Filipino restaurants(well, except Max’s of course) because he thinks everything is just the same. (Plus, he is a good cook and I can attest to that :)) But surprisingly, he liked it there. He even wanted to return. (In fact, we already returned. more to come) We are happy. Nice!

AMF Puyat Sports Recreation Center (Bowling)       —              It was my aunt’s birthday. After dinner, we still had enough time to waste and enjoy so everyone decided to go and play. Technically, it wasn’t my first time to go there but the experience of playing bowling with the family was a first. Bowling has always been in my list. I’ve always wanted to learn it because father is good at it. I always convince him to teach us but we always end up playing billiards. Besides, he always discourages us to play because he thought that it will just be  a waste of money and time. He might be right but learning something new is a lot of better and more important,isn’t it? So, why not play instead? Finally, I had the chance to play. My score was terrible but that’s fine. It was a great time to be with them. Thank you, aunt!


Eric Kayser Boulangerie         —          Well, I just found this new bakeshop unexpectedly in one of the malls. Since I read some articles because it has been the talk of the town, I got curious. The place was quite homey and to me, nothing special. It is the same as other places that needs to have unique interiors to entice the customers. But, I’m happy to finally see  and have  a taste of it.

City of Dreams              —                This was definitely unplanned. When I arrived home, brother told me that Ne-yo is the main act at the grand opening launch which will happen in a few hours. My brother, being a Ne-yo fan, definitely got excited and wanted to fly there. Me, being a supportive sister, went with him. We bounced as fast as we could however, we were stuck in traffic. When we arrived, the event was already finished. What to do anyway? Maximize. We ended up roaming around inside, took pictures and had fun, of course. It was still a great experience. We will surely return especially now that I’ve discovered the free shuttle service. (By now, I’ve already went there a couple of times. More in the future.) Yeah!

DRAFT               —                    A nice and cozy place to dine. Craving for schnitzel and pasta satisfied! Good dining with quality time with a good friend made it more special.

Lucky Chinatown Mall               —                 Who would’ve thought that they would build a high end mall at the heart of the busy place of Divisoria? Amazing, huh? From the time it became the talk of the town, of course, I wanted to see it for myself. There was nothing special really but the location made it interesting. It was a great time.


Taytay Falls, Majayjay, Laguna            —         Another check in the list. It was a long journey to reach, we even lost our way going there but everything was all worth it. Also, it was a nice experience spent with new set of equally nice people.

Banapple          —       Another cool place to simply chill in heart of a busy mall.

Cafe Adriatico          —            I often pass by this restaurant every time I go to this mall  and always wondered what it feels like to dine there. Finally, I had the chance and it was pretty good.


Rembrandt Hotel, Dinner Buffet         —         This one is totally a blessing in disguise. My sister’s friends already had a reservation unfortunately, one of her friends couldn’t make it since they didn’t want the slot to be put to waste, they had to think of a replacement. Good thing, I had no plans at that time so I immediately bounced there. Lucky em, huh? 🙂


Holy Redeemer Parish, Adoration Chapel        —         It is a surprise that this place is at its simplest yet gives a very comforting feeling. Helping my sister with her wedding requirements was also considered a blessing. I was actually baptized here but I’ve never been here ever since. (Well, I was there a year ago for a wedding event but didn’t have enough time to have my me time. Plus, I sang there with choir friends so, it was a busy time.) Anyway, I was glad to be of help to my sister even though it’s really tiring at times still, I get to experience things to nurture me. Thank you!

Bolinao, Pangasinan          —            This beach is one of the gateways to the Pacific Ocean. Sister and her fiancee decided to have a beach themed prenup pictorial so, there, the whole family of both sides went there and supported their plan. It was a quick getaway but sure, fun! We’ll definitely return soon.

Quirino Grounds, MTV Asia Music Evo Concert      —        One day,   my brother told me about this event and since I have an IG account, he encouraged me to join their promo just for fun. No expectations. They said that they will not announce the winners online but will just send the bands instead. Which means, whoever receives it are the winners. Few weeks has passed and we totally forgot about it until one day, I received a parcel from MTV Asia. We were still figuring out what was inside since we already forgot but to our surprise! We got the bands! Weeee!!! We are going to the concert. Definitely one of the many highlight firsts this year. Also, it was a day before my birthday which made it more special. It was a great experiences with sibs!

Our Lady of Fatima Church         —          It was one of the churches nearest to my place but obviously, I never had the chance to visit there until one day that I had to help sister for some errands. (wedding requirements  it is.)


Cafe Juanita               —                  This has been the talk of the town and I’ve always been curious to go here. Finally, this was the right time to visit and dine with the fam. They had positive fee backs from the food to the ambience and assured of returning. (We already did and would want to return more in the future. :))

Cathedral Shrine of the Good Shepherd                 —              It was the celebration of the nuns’ congregation anniversary. My cousin’s choir sang in the mass and I felt lucky and blessed to be part of the celebration. Thank you!

Salon de The                       —                     Another surprising restaurant I discovered. This is a fine dining place and actually, just an extension of The French Baker. I found it funny and nostalgic at the same time because I only saw this kind of restaurant in Belgium. Now, it’s here in the Philippines. It was more special because I had a quality time with a good friend. Yey!


……to be continued 🙂


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