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I am officially starting my blog. Yey again! I told myself that I would start last week but I didn’t know how and what to write. Or where to specifically begin. All I know is that lots of thoughts are running in my busy mind. Maybe, I don’t have the confidence yet to let people know these thoughts but here I am now, taking the leap.

December is usually the busiest season for chorale singers. Singing engagements are just around the corner. We fondly call it ‘raket’ The more raket of course, the happier we are. 🙂 The last two weeks had been the busiest I had, so far. I am mostly busy in the afternoon since I work in the morning. I taught a college choir in one of the universities around Ubelt also, I had to perform elsewhere.

The busy week started with teaching the choir. This university has a yearly Christmas event including interdepartment choral competition. I have taught this choir for the past years but last year, I wasn’t able t teach them since I was working full time. I actually missed a lot last year but I’m thankful that this year, they asked me to teach them again. I was hesitant to accept it at first because I was not totally sure if I was ready but anyway, I took the chance. All conversations were done thru text. There was a time I thought it wouldn’t push thru anymore because I hadn’t heard any updates from them but fortunately, after that week, everything became clear. I met them finally. I had no idea what to expect especially that we barely had less than two weeks left to prepare for everything. The competition requires them to sing two pieces — the contest piece and a choice piece of medley songs. In less than two weeks, they hadn’t started anything with the choice piece. As in zero. As their teacher, I also had no idea what to give them. I still don’t know their capacity to sing as a group, to understand and memorize everything with a limited time. A huge thanks to my cousin who gave the piece to me and gave insights about it. Atleast, we can start something from there. I told them that we will just try to do our best and maximize everything that we have. I am quite satisfied that they were really cooperative and I felt that they really listened and followed me so, I really appreciate it. Rehearsals were fun but of course, I still had to impose a certain discipline that is needed to the group. I wanted to impart to them everything that I know. I also tried my best.. There was one time that after the rehearsal, I had to fly to Alabang for a raket. I wasn’t prepared for the required outfit so, I had to squeeze my time to buy clothes. I was successful. Good job to me! I was excited to sing but I almost lost hope of not being able to perform because I was seriously stuck in traffic. It was super slooowly moving. Plus, it was a Friday. But, I was lucky still because I was able to join them. We consider rakets as blessings that’s why we really try our best to be part of it.  Besides, it’s totally fun!

Moving on to the week of the competition proper, rehearsals became more serious. I gave them the piece and the recording so that they will have an idea how it is sung and how it is supposed to sound. They cooperated well. I guess they are ready. ( Of course, constant guidance is still necessary since most of the singers have no idea in choral singing) But the fact they are willing to learn and listen to me is a big thing already. I am proud of them. I just hoped I had longer time to be with them. It’s nice and challenging to mold them. Unfortunately, there was one time that I could not teach them because I had to attend a wedding event. I will sing again with my peers. I am excited again! But of course, I told to rehearse still and memorize everything.

Come Friday, the day of the competition, I was nervous but I guess we are ready. I didn’t know that I will be faced with another conflict. I received a text message early morning that we have a performance later in the afternoon. I had mixed emotions.  Confused. Excited. Nervous. I suddenly had a lot of questions. What will I do with the choir? How can I get to the venue the fastest way possible? Who can possibly replace me? How can I do it without causing conflicts? Well, it was me who decided on doing these things so, I should take responsibility to everything. The whole morning, my dear mind was busy forming solutions to this challenging situation. I am slowly coming up with answers. Little by little. The first thing I did was inform the group that I can’t conduct on the actual competition but I can still teach them for final reminders. While waiting for the reply, I had two people in mind who can probably help me–my cousin and buddy. I immediately texted my cousin unfortunately, he can’t since he’s at work. Next best option is my buddy. He was rattled and surprised when he I told him my situation. Good thing, he is also going in the same direction so, he agreed to do it. Thank you so much buddy! On my way to the rehearsal, my mind is still busy thinking how to get to Ayala the fastest way possible. Anyway, I need to focus few hours first to the choir for final touches of the songs. While I was teaching them, he was experiencing a lot of hassles reaching the university. Finally, he arrived and it’s also about time for me to go. I just gave him a shorts heads up of what he needs to do with the pieces (he’s in fact, way better than me :))so, there’s not much to worry. I wished them good luck then, I left. My travel to Ayala ended up taking LRT2 and MRT. Can you imagine how long I had to walk? Well, everytime I had to do long walks, I always realize how blessed I am for being physically able to do such. We are lucky to accomplish such things with ease. Thank you Lord! Going back, it was not a walk in the park type. I had to do brisk walking because time is of serious essence. Finally, I reached Ayala station. They told me to take the motor instead of taking the bus. It’s a Friday so, horrible traffic condition is expected. I had no idea what they were talking about but when I got down, I saw long lines of people waiting for motorcycles. It will be another first for me. I had hesitations whether to take it or not but since I was running out of time, I took it. It was actually fun. Maybe, in the future, I will write more of that ‘habal habal in the metro’ experience. I arrived safe to the venue. Thank you kuya driver. it was cool! I was few minutes late but I was proud to tell myself that I made it!*Dora sing and dance* tanenenenenten.yeah! I did it! yeah!

Now the event.  Definitely, it was fun. We just had to sing few Christmas songs in ten lobbies so, it was decided to divide the group into two. How cool is that! It always feels good to jam with people you’ve known the longest. We rarely see each other but it always feels like yesterday. Just like the old times, they say.

The previous weeks was rather colorful yet challenging. There are times I realize that there are many things to be thankful for. But oftentimes, I wonder, why do we always have to have conflicts? Can we not just grab every opportunity and be happy? I know, lessons are best learned along the way. I also know for sure, there will be a lot more in the future. I guess I’m ready. Bring it on!

There. I finally wrote it. How’d it go? I hope you had fun reading it. Until next time. Stay happy. Cheers!




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